Physical Therapist Services

Services provided at Carswell Sports Injury Clinic Include:

Full Clinical Assessment

Each patient will be fully evaluated, documented, diagnosed and treated accordingly. The assessment will be used to determine the nature, cause and potential effect of a patient’s injury. The results allow for the best treatment options based on numerous physical, medical and mental factors. Typically this results in more accurate diagnosis and treatment for patients.

Sports Injury Diagnosis & Treatment

The clinic specializing in diagnosing and treating sports Injuries. The treatment plan will be explained at your appointment and at time of diagnosis.

Pre & Post Operative Rehabilitation

The purpose of pre and post operative rehabilitation is to promote a rapid recovery. These are specially designed programs to take patients through from pre operative to post operative to final recovery. Post operative treatment and rehabilitation will be tailored to fit each patient’s abilities and requirements.

Therapy for acute and chronic injuries

Specialized programs to deal with isometric stabilization of the joints. The therapy is customized to each patient’s particular condition.

Referral to specialist surgeon

Carswell Sports Injury Clinic works with a number of top National and International surgeons referring patients to a specialist if necessary.

Tog Gait scan Assessment

Tog Gait Scan is a computerized assessment of the feet. From the assessment of your feet and gait Orthotic insoles for shoes are custom made. Orthotic inserts are used to support and align a part of the body. They can be used to relieve pain, improve skeletal alignment or improve the function of your foot and lower limb.

What do orthotics do?

Depending on the design, orthotics can cushion and support your foot by redistributing the pressure areas on your feet. They can also be designed to support and improve the alignment of the bones in your feet and legs. Improper foot alignment can lead to a wide variety of foot, knee, and lower back problems.